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The staff of the Division welcomes information about unusual or anomalous experiences that appear to challenge normal explanations.  Click here for a description of our research.  If you would like to submit a case (your own or one known to you) please write a detailed description of the experience.

We strongly prefer to have information about cases and personal accounts sent to us in writing via email. Please do not send recordings with accounts or long manuscripts for us to review unless we request them. We thank you in advance for honoring this.

Near-death experiences: If you would like to share an account of a near-death experience and the after-effects, please email your personal account via the Contact Us form.

After death communications: If you have an account of an after death communication, please email Senior Research Specialist Dr. Marieta Pehlivanova at .

Children who report memories of a previous life (reincarnation): If you have an account of a child who is reporting memories of a previous life, please send your email to our research assistant, Diane Morini at .

Meditation, and mindfulness:  If you have an account to share of an unusual experience associated with your meditation and/or mindfulness practice, please send your descriptive email on to DOPS Research Specialist, Liz Hanchak at who is working with Primary Investigator, Dr. Kim Penberthy, on this area of research.


  • Persons submitting reports of unusual experiences should be willing to participate in research, which often involves questionnaires and sometimes interviews.
  • Please be assured that your email will be held in confidence and only qualified research staff will read it. 
  • Identities of persons sharing experiences with us will be carefully concealed if there are any published accounts of the case. 
  • We regret that the small size of our staff sometimes makes it impossible for us to investigate every case brought to our attention

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Contact Us

If you have an extraordinary personal experience to share, please use the “Contact Us” button to describe your experiences.

Please be assured that your personal account will be held in confidence and only the qualified research staff will read it.

You may also want to consider filling out our Unusual Experiences Questionnaire to share your experiences. By filling out this questionnaire you will be participating in our research.

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