Tamm Lab

As part of the Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology, Tamm Lab is interested in studying the structure and function of a variety of membrane proteins of clinical importance in their natural membrane environment. We are also particularly interested in the roles that membrane lipids play in the regulation of these proteins. The proteins that we are studying play key roles in infectious and neurological diseases.


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Dr. Tamm with three other people standing in front of two flags

Advocating Science – Biophysical Society’s Lukas Tamm goes to Capitol Hill

Dr. Tamm shows how it’s important to have robust, sustained and predictable science budgets if the US wants to continue leading in scientific discoveries in the world

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Tamm Lab members

NASA Astronaut at UVA

Astronaut Scott Tingle spoke to the School of Medicine about his lifelong dream of going into space and what it was really like.

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Image of group of flying birds

Avian Flu: $1.35 Million Grant

An international research team led by Lukas Tamm will receive $1.35 million to better understand how the influenza virus passes from birds to humans

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