To see what you have billed, go to Reports Menu on the menu bar.. Most are relatively self-explanatory; if you use resource reservations, you will have a couple of reports that others do not. The item with the greatest flexibility is Query.

On the first page of Query are numerous fields to restrict your search.

Under Display are numerous items you may want to show in the orders you find.

Click More details to search by:

Service (description)

Category (group of services)

Resource or resource user if you are using reservations.

If searching for a service, you must choose the relevant Category

On the search results page, in the upper right corner are options to export data to an Excel or PDF file.
The pdf file is the same as seen on screen.
The Excel (Office 2003 format) contains nearly all information for the order, an exception is Core Manager comments. The Excel file allows you to sort, search and perform calculations on the data.

Specialized reports

PTAO eligible for co-pay

Co-pay should automatically apply to eligible PTAO.
To see lists of PTAO which receive co-pays from centers, go to:
Reports menu-Contributing Center member Report

You can select Cancer Center or Diabetes Center.

Price list

You can find and print a list of all prices in your core, with standard price, price after center co-pays, outside price by going to:

Reports-Item Master

Unpaid orders from outside University of Virginia

To see unpaid orders from outside, go to

Reports Menu-External customer Aging

Expired PTAO

To see a list of recently expired PTAO, go to

Reports Menu-PTAO Delete

Reprint Receipts

available on Reports menu

Compare revenue for different times

You can compare revenue by month, quarter, year at:

Reports Menu-Summary Reports-Summary Comparison