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CPHG’s Stephen Rich and Aakrosh Ratan Help Develop New Tool Called “Giraffe”


Scientists, including two University of Virginia researchers, have developed a powerful, inclusive new tool for genomic research that boosts efforts to develop more precise treatments for many diseases by leveraging…

CPHG Team Performs Vital Research in Groundbreaking TOPMed Human Genome Project


Scientists Scour Genes of More Than 53,000 People to Better Battle Dangerous Diseases DNA processing in a genomics research lab. (Photo courtesy National Cancer Institute) April 01, 2021 A new…

Zang Lab’s Research Published in Genome Biology & Featured in UVA Today


Cancer's Dangerous Renovations to Our Chromosomes Revealed Cancer remodels the architecture of our chromosomes so the disease can take hold and spread, University of Virginia researchers have revealed. This remodeling…

Major Asian Gene Study to Help Doctors Understand, Treat Disease


An ambitious new study of genes in Asian populations is filling in big gaps in our understanding of human genetics, shedding light on the history of human migration and ultimately…