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August 2022: Eugenia and Clayton publish in PLOS Pathogens!


Congratulations to Eugenia, our Chlamydia genetics magician, and Clayton, our mouse infection expert, on their latest PLOS pathogens publication “The inclusion membrane protein IncS is critical for initiation of the…

July 2022: Happy Birthday Lab!


Our lab turned 7 this month. Signing, cake, candles, and wishes were on the program!

July 2022: Congratulations Dr Ende!


Congratulations to the freshly minted Dr. Ende who successfully defended her thesis! We wish Rachel the very best as she embarks on her new journey as a postdoctoral fellow in…

July 2022: Our lab publishes in eLife!


Check out our latest publication: “Phosphoregulation accommodates Type III secretion and assembly of a tether of ER- Chlamydia inclusion membrane contact sites “ This work was initiated by Becky…

July 2022: Samantha is re-appointed to the ID training grant!


Congratulations to Samantha for being re-appointed to the NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant (T32 AI007046).

July 2022: Welcome Eli!


We welcome Elaheh (Eli) Najafian, as our new laboratory specialist.

June 2022: Samantha moves on to candidacy!


Congratulations to Samantha who received an unconditional pass for her Qualifying Exam.

June 2022: A third publication for Clayton!


Congratulations Clayton on the publication of your manuscript titled " The Chlamydia trachomatis Inclusion Membrane Protein CTL0390 Mediates Host Cell Exit via Lysis through STING Activation" in Infection and Immunity.…

May 2022: Welcome Forrest!


We welcome Dr. Forrest Walker, a recent graduate from the Baldridge Lab at Washington University, as he embarks on his postdoctoral journey.