Opportunities for Research Fellows in the Dudley lab at the University of Virginia


The Dudley lab at UVA is focused on the tumor microenvironment. We use cutting edge approaches including transcriptomics and genetically engineered mouse models of cancer to study interactions between cancer cells and the vasculature, tumor immune microenvironments, and invasion/metastasis; especially as relates to brain metastases. The ideal candidate would have a PhD with experience in relevant areas of biology, first-author publication(s) in reputable journals, and enjoy working in a highly interactive, creative, and fun setting, centered on conducting hypothesis-driven research. The University of Virginia offers a vibrant research community in a beautiful setting.


>A PhD (or soon to be completed PhD).

>A record of scholarship, evidenced by innovative, first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals.

>Independence in scientific research and writing.

>Self-motivated and creative.

>Excellent communication and organizational skills.

>A strong interest in tumor microenvironment, angiogenesis, cancer invasion/metastasis.

Please email a cover letter, CV and a contact for three references to drewdudleylab@gmail.com