Salary and Benefits

The salary level of Housestaff Officers is based upon the appropriate Post Graduate Year (PGY) in the appointed residency training program, according to specialty or subspecialty Board requirements for certification. Only previous training required for certification in the current specialty or subspecialty will be considered in making this determination.

Housestaff Salary

*Housestaff are paid bi-weekly, receiving 26 paychecks per year.

Medical/DentalPGY 1$55,400 $2,130
PGY 2$57,450 $2,209
PGY 3$59,660 $2,294
PGY 4$62,175 $2,391
PGY 5$64,135 $2,466
PGY 6$67,030 $2,578
PGY 7$69,425 $2,670
PGY 8$72,880 $2,803

Housestaff BenefitsNote: Please review our salary policy for information on how we assign PGY salary levels.

Policies and Benefits applicable to Housestaff include:


Housestaff appointments are made for no more than one year and are renewed based upon the recommendation of the appropriate clinical department chair.

Liability Insurance

All residents of the Medical Center are provided malpractice insurance through the Office of Risk Management. This policy provides coverage for alleged acts of medical negligence (both commission and omission) only if the alleged negligent act was performed in the scope of employment at the University of Virginia Medical Center or one of its affiliated health care facilities. Coverage is not extended for employment opportunities which you seek or arrange on your own (i.e., moonlighting). For additional information, please contact the Office of Risk Management at (434)-924-5595.

Temporary Licensure

All medical housestaff are required to obtain an Intern and Residency Training License in the State of Virginia to practice while employed in an internship/residency/fellowship training program. Practice under this license is confined strictly to persons who are bonafide patients within the hospital or who receive treatment and advice in an organized outpatient department of the hospital. Intern and Residency Training licenses are issued annually. The license fee is paid by the hospital and issuance/renewal is coordinated by the Graduate Medical Education Office. Information on securing a permanent medical license may be obtained from the Virginia Board of Medicine in Richmond. Trainees with permanent licenses are requested to share their license information with the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Dental Benefits

See flyer for information about reduced rates on dentistry services through the UVA Department of Dentistry.

Vacations and Leaves of Absence

Please refer to the attached policy.

Parking & Annual Cash Benefit

All trainees wishing to park motor vehicles on University of Virginia property must request a parking permit from the GME Office and pay a monthly parking fee directly to UVa Parking and Transportation. Parking permits are issued for one year and must be renewed annually.

All trainees are provided an annual cash benefit intended to be used for reimbursement of UVa parking fees; if a trainee does not require parking, however, the benefit may be used for athletic membership or the cafeteria meal card. The cash benefit is based on the annual cost of parking and is added to trainee earnings via a biweekly payroll adjustment. The cash benefit is applied to 24 pay periods and is received as a fixed amount which is added to gross income. If the benefit is applied for UVa parking reimbursement, it is not taxed.


Buses: The Department of Parking and Transportation operates a transit bus system (UTS) that serves the Central Grounds, the Health System, and the satellite parking areas (Scott Stadium, Emmet/Ivy Garage and U-Hall). The Charlottesville Transit Service (CTS) offers free bus rides to all UVA employees when a valid UVa ID is presented.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles are considered motor vehicles in the University parking system. Residents may purchase a standard or reserved area permit for a motorcycle, as applicable. There are areas designated for motorcycle parking. A map is available from the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Parking Tickets: Parking tickets must be paid or appealed within seven days after receipt. You can appeal online or via mail.

Permits remain the property of the University of Virginia and are subject to removal and repossession by University authorities for abusing parking privileges or failing to pay parking fines or bills. Trainees will continue to be charged for the permit while it remains in their possession, whether they are actually parking or not. The permit must be returned to Parking and Transportation in order to cancel the billing contract. Unpaid traffic fines or bills from previous periods are justification for refusal to issue the next year’s parking permits to University personnel. Residents will not receive certification of completion of training if they have any outstanding fines or bills.

NOTE: The university has a zero tolerance policy when parking in patient parking.

For more details, visit: UVa Parking & Transportation.

Uniforms and Laundering of Uniforms

Two lab coats are provided at no cost through Linen Services, Level 0, University Hospital.

On-Call Suite

Located at Level 0, University Hospital, restricted to GME trainees only. Features include call rooms (assigned and float), a gym, kitchen lounge, lactation room and shower facilities.

University Intramural Facilities

Visit the University Intramural page for information on purchasing an Intramural pass for access to University of Virginia gym facilities and intramural sports.

Copy Card

One 350-count copy card is available to each housestaff member per year, and can be obtained from the Graduate Medical Education Office at 2461 Collins (formally Barringer).

Prescription Pads

While the majority of prescriptions are issued electronically, blank prescription pads are also available in the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Library Resources

The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library provides numerous resources for housestaff, including MEDLINE, Computer Lab, etc.


Please refer to the GME Moonlighting Policy.

High Risk/Safety Sensitive Drug and Alcohol Screening

The University of Virginia has a vital interest in providing a safe environment for its students, employees, patients, and visitors. It is the intent and goal of University policy to provide a supportive process for intervention and rehabilitation while also protecting the working and learning environment. This policy authorizes drug and alcohol testing of University personnel performing in safety-sensitive positions when there is reason to be concerned for drug or alcohol use. This policy can be obtained in the Graduate Medical Education Office or on the web at:

Counseling Services

The pressures and demands of medical training can be stressful both to the individual and to relationships. Evaluation and treatment services are available through a number of resources. Should services be desired, contact the Graduate Medical Education Office or the Faculty & Employee Assistance Program.

Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment

The Medical Center is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment, intimidation or retaliation in any form. Insulting words, jokes or actions based on an individual’s sex, race ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. Click here to view the official UVa policy on harassment.

Grievance Procedure

Available upon request in the Graduate Medical Education Office. Every resident has the right to due process. See the GME Grievance Policy for details.

Federal Health Care Program Exclusions


1) who are listed as excluded on the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General’s “List of Excluded Individuals/Entities” or on the General Services Administration “List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-Procurement Programs”


2) who have been convicted of a crime related to the provision of health care items or services for which one may be excluded under 42 USC 1320a-7

(a) (an “excludable crime”, i.e. criminal offenses related to governmentally financed health care programs, including health care fraud; criminal abuse or neglect of patients; or felony controlled substance convictions related to the provision of health care) cannot provide patient care reimbursable under federal health care programs (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid) and are subject to suspension with or without pay and/or dismissal from the UVa residency/fellowship program. Housestaff must immediately notify the Graduate Medical Education Office if they receive, or have previously received prior to enrollment in the program, any notice of exclusion or proposed exclusion.

The information provided herein represents a brief summary of current policies and procedures, benefits, and responsibilities. More detailed information can be obtained from the Health System Policy Manual. All housestaff members will be notified, in writing, of any changes in the above benefits. Knowledge of and compliance with these policies is required. Copies of the Health System Policy Manual can be found in various locations within your department and on all patient care units.