State of Emergency

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Governor McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of heavy rain, wind, and flooding due to Hurricane Joaquin (NOAA updates and predictions:  Facilities Management has confirmed with that building emergency generators have fuel and are ready for operation in the event of power failures.  If power is lost, Facilities will order dry ice and deploy caches in research buildings.

If your area is affected by the weather (flooding, loss of building integrity), the quickest way to initiate repairs is by phoning Facilities Management at 924-2267.  If you contact Facilities and their response is delayed, please notify Jessica Hurley Smith, Randy Speight, or Bruce Shifflett.

Please also consider signing up for SOM Alerts or UVA Alerts, by following the procedure at

With luck, the storm will take an easterly, off-shore path as it moves up the coast and disruptions to UVA and our region.



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