Inclement Weather Update #3

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The Hospital Command Board (HCB) contains the following pertinent updates:

– Incident Command
– Sleeping Accommodations
– UVA Imaging
– Pharmacy

Monitor the link below for scheduling and reporting updates. Please be sure to select the correct date at the top of the page.

Contact your supervisor for reporting/scheduling-related questions.

ATTENTION MANAGERS: Snowstorm Preparedness Photo Contest!

§ Take a photo showing how your team is working together to get through the snowstorm.
§ Upload the photo on the Emergency Services Facebook page. Include the name of your department and the people in the photo:
§ After the storm, our Incident Management Team will pick the top 5 photos. Winners will receive Emergency Management items, and the photos will be shared on the Health System’s Facebook page.
§ Rules: Photos must not contain patient information. This includes images of patients, even in the background, whiteboards with patient names or other identifiers and computer screens with patient information. Sharing patient information is a violation of Medical Center policy 0021, and you will be subject to disciplinary action.



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