Hospital Command Board (HCB) #4

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The Hospital Command Board (HCB) contains the following pertinent updates:

– Incident Command
– Sleeping Accommodations
– Team Member reporting and Designated/Non-Designated status
– Status of Ambulatory operations
– Parking and Transportation

Monitor the link below for scheduling and reporting updates. Please be sure to select the correct date at the top of the page.

Contact your supervisor for reporting/scheduling-related questions.

Important Safety Information:

– Dress for the cold; pants, boots, hat, and gloves.

– Wear appropriate footwear at all times; no dress or high-heeled shoes.

– Use handrails when walking up or down stairs.

– Avoid slips, trips, and falls. Areas may not be completely cleared of snow and ice. Follow cleared walking areas if possible, and watch for patches of ice/snow or slick areas.

The Hospital Incident Management Team thanks you for your dedication and support during this inclement weather event; the Medical Center could not have accomplished its critical mission without you.

Go Team and Stay Safe!



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