Power outages

Extension cords for use during power outages

The SOM has stored extension cords in the following locations, under the control of the individuals listed.  Additional keys to storage cabinets are held in the Dean’s Office by Bruce Shifflett (4-8409), and Steve Wasserman (3-7088).


Building Room Responsible person Phone Key #
Aurbach Loading dock Jim Fredrick 2-3601 391E
Jordan 6068 Kevin Cox 4-1942 B106
MR4 6011 John Stafford 4-9108 353E
MR5 2100 Kitter Bishop 2-4100 L735
OMS 4782 Gene McClurken 4-9213 T593
Snyder Loading dock Robert Nakamoto 2-0279 L735

Spare -80 Freezer

The School of Medicine owns an ultralow freezer that can be used in the event that your own unit’s compressor has died.  The Facilities Management HVAC group controls the freezer (phone 24/7:  4-2267; contact:  Jeff Gibson).  This freezer is for short-term, emergency use only.