Annual Review Process, Forms and Resources

The annual review is a formative process that not only assesses faculty performance in the three mission areas (clinical, education, research), but also aids in setting goals for the future. From the perspective of department chairs, the annual review is an opportunity to provide guidance, to recognize achievement, and to understand obstacles and challenges.

The Faculty Annual Review form is completed by the department chair and the faculty member during an annual performance review meeting. The department chair, in collaboration with division leadership as appropriate, must provide each faculty member (regardless of rank and tenure status) with a formal annual performance review. The discussion and outcomes of the annual review should be documented, signed by the department chair and faculty member, and a copy should be forwarded to SOM Human Resources.

We recommend that faculty view the UVA Provost policy on faculty annual performance review.

Faculty annual reviews should be uploaded to your department or center folder on the O: drive. Please create a folder on the O: drive under SOMHR, label the folder “faculty 23-24 annual reviews”, and place the reviews in that folder. Annual reviews should be uploaded by August 1, 2024.

Annual Review Forms by Track

Annual Review forms have been customized for each track:

All forms have been updated to include additional information related to faculty members’

  • Reputation: suggestions regarding the creation of a list of independent, external referees.
  • Demonstration of ASPIRE values: documentation of discussion required, links to policy provided.
  • Service: required for promotion and expected as part of UVA’s 2030 Plan.

The Annual Review Workshop

Annual Review Workshop PPT available here. Video below. 


(Video transcript)