UVA Faculty Senate


Final Exercises 2014

The UVa Faculty Senate represents all faculties of the University with respect to all academic functions such as the establishment and termination of degree programs, major modifications of requirements for existing degrees, and action affecting all faculties, or more than one faculty, of the University.  Additionally, the Senate advises the President and the Rector and Board of Visitors concerning educational and related matters affecting the welfare of the University.

The School of Medicine holds 21 seats on the University of Virginia Faculty Senate. Each year nominations for open seats are solicited from all SOM department chairs, center directors, faculty and current SOM faculty senators. All faculty are invited to vote in the election of their faculty senate representatives.

The SOM faculty senators host general faculty meetings typically held on the third Thursday of October and the third Thursday of April at 5 PM.   Any faculty members may submit ideas for meeting agenda items by submitting them to a subcommittee of senators using:  somfs-agenda@virginia.edu

Archive of Past Meetings

School of Medicine Faculty Senate Representatives

  • Donna Chen, Public Health Sciences (2023)
  • Stephen Culp, Urology, Chair  (2024)
  • Jay Fox, Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (2024)
  • Vanessa Gregg, Obstetrics & Gynecology (2026)
  • Peter Hallowell, Surgery (2023)
  • Ann Kellams, Pediatrics (2024)
  • Bradley Kesser, Otolaryngology (2025)
  • Susan Kirk, Medicine; Immediate past chair (2023)
  • Maria Sequeira-Lopez, Pediatrics (2023)
  • Venkat Mangunta, Anesthesiology (2023)
  • Carol Manning, Neurology (2026)
  • Alyssa Mixon, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2023)
  • Thomas Pajewski, Anesthesiology  (2025)
  • Jaclyn Shepard, Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences (2024)
  • Philip Smith, Surgery (2023)
  • Ryan Smith, Urology (2024)
  • John Stranix, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery (2025)
  • Agnes Swiatecka-Urban, Pediatrics (2026)
  • Christopher Thom, Emergency Medicine (2025)
  • Jeffrey Young, Surgery (2023)
  • Kenan Yount, Surgery (2025)
  • Victor Zaydfudim, Surgery (2026)

*the year noted indicates end of term of service