Visiting Rotation at UVA

Credentialed Visiting Residents

This process applies to GME Trainees currently enrolled in a training program outside of UVA.
Requests to host visitors or observers must come from the UVA Programs to the GME Office.

Step 1

A completed application for a credentialed visitor must be submitted by the UVA Coordinator to GME at least 60 days prior to the requested dates. Visitor Application

Step 2

The UVA Coordinator should follow instructions on this Checklist to complete and submit all remaining required documents. Visitor Checklist for UVA Coordinator

Step 3 Attachments

Employee Health Form
Electronic Attestation Form
Attestation of Criminal Background
Visitor Appointment Letter Template

Request for Trainee Observerships

Observer less than 10 days Application

Observer more than 10 days Application

All documents should be emailed to