Resident Well-Being



At UVA, the Graduate Medical Education community is committed to the well-being of its trainees. We appreciate that residency and fellowship can be a trying, challenging and sometimes difficult time for trainees, but it can also be extremely rewarding and gratifying as doctors make the transition from being student to being patient care practitioners. To promote well-being and to foster a sense of community and compassion, we have built this website to assist our trainees to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of training. The website is divided by topics of wellness – financial, physical, and mental/emotional.

Burnout and emotional fatigue are very real problems among residents. Not only does this initiative promote general well-being, but we also want to shine a light on physician burnout and burnout prevention, identifying burnout and providing resources to treat burnout. We aim to provide trainees with information that will serve them well throughout their careers.

We hope you take advantage of the many services and opportunities The University of Virginia Health System and the Graduate Medical Education Office have to offer so that your training experience is meaningful and rewarding.

As is required of us by the ACGME, we will reimburse round trip Uber/Taxi from the hospital and back for any trainee who is too tired to drive safely home from any shift, any time. Click here to submit a receipt.


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