SOM RAM Agenda – January 2021

January 28, 2021 by


o SOM Budget Template
• Will be distributed for use on Cycle I NIH deadlines
• Will be required for all budget/proposal/transactions as of March 1

o Any budgets/transactions already in preparation will be accepted on old/other forms through February 28
• Discussion/feedback?

o CTA negotiations –review of “on hold” actions/negotiations >180 days old
• For discussion –SOM proposes to review actions listed as “on hold” for >180 days for viability. If these transactions have no reasonable path forward, can they be cleared from the system
to free up negotiator bandwidth and avoid skewed data/metrics?

o Changes coming to NIH Biosketchand Other Support
• Presentation from FRAC
• Expected implementation in the Spring –prepare for Cycle II deadlines

o NIH to require use of two-factor-authentication via to access Commons beginning in September 2021
• Phased implementation will require reviewers to use new functionality as early as February 1

o AHRQ has announced adoption of the new Executive Level II salary cap of $199,300as of January 3,excess%20of%20Executive%20Level%20II.%22
• As a fellow agency of DHHS, NIH’s announcement should soon follow
• Please utilize new cap for upcoming submissions


o NIH operates under a continuing resolution
• Most non-competing awards made with a 10% cut
• Awards may be restored once the Federal budget is passed
• Please check your NOAs and adjust budget allocations as necessary, including to subcontractors

o Deadline policy reminders (yes, again)
• Please remember that alltransactions are subject to the deadline policy, including RPPRs/non-competing progress reports
• We can only guarantee submission by the sponsor’s deadline if the transaction is submitted to SOMOGC five business days in advance (don’t forget holidays!)
• Exception approval is not required for RPPRs and other non-competing transactions, but items received with less than a five-day lead will go into the queue in the order received and will
be reviewed accordingly

o Visit the SOM Research Administration Portal for Training and Resources (RAPTR) and send your feedback to Kayla Calvo, Steve Lichtenstein, or Lauren Armstrong
• This is an evolving tool for orientation and training, so we want to know how we can make it work for you
• What’s missing? What resources would be most helpful to you?

Download the document here