SOM RAM Agenda – February 2021

February 23, 2021 by

o Cost Share –Open Forum for questions/discussion
• Topics/Questions
Categories: Mandatory/Voluntary || Committed/Uncommitted
Documentation: When to include documents in the ePRF
Cost Share companion accounts

o SOM Budget Template feedback?
• Current version dated 10Feb2021 –

o CORA Mentorship Program
• Currently gathering mentor/mentee data for matchmaking purposes
• If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee (or both!), please contact Carey Reinicke or Catherine Thompson

REMINDERS, Notices, & Updates
o Updated COVID-19 lab restrictions
• No undergraduate students are allowed in labs for at least 10 days
• Participation in weekly Research Lab asymptomatic saliva testing is mandatory for all lab members
• Please contact Dr. Driscoll if you need a copy of the recent email notification from Ram

o *REMINDER* – COVID Research Prioritization Committee
• COVID-19 research studies that require access to patients and/or their families, biospecimens, medical team, or health record data must have approval from the CRPC before proposal submission –

o Federal Financial Report (FFR) submission problems
• Recent changes to the submission method for these reports has led to some reports being rejected or not being received timely within NIH/gov’t systems. NIH is aware of the issues –
• We have received some notices of non-compliance with closeout requirements due to these issues. If your PI receives these notices, please check that the final RPPR and Invention Statement have been submitted and if everything seems to be in order, contact SOMOGC and we can follow up with OSP Post Award to see if the notice is related to FFR submission issues.

o NIH’s “matchmaking” tool via RePORTER
• Input your abstract to find suggested Institute/Center or Study Section assignment or a Program Official in a relevant topic

o OSP’s Budget Setup Tools
– Please use this template for all rebudgeting or change requests for existing Oracle awards
– Please use this template for internal subproject budget planning and setup (i.e split budgets for investigators across schools/departments)

o NIH salary cap & NRSA stipend levels
• Salary cap is $199,300as of January 3 –
• FY2021 stipend levels –

o Fringe Benefit rates
• Please continue to use the DHHS approved rates for grant/contract budgets [28.3%/faculty, 38.1%/staff]
• Preliminary rates used for departmental budgeting are not official and not approved for grant/contract use

o ePRF “Target” deadlines
• If using the “target” deadline feature, please be sure to note the sponsor’s actual deadline in the ePRF comment box or in the email submission to SOMOGC. If the date noted in the ePRF is the sponsor’s actual deadline, please don’t mark this as a “target” deadline.

o *REMINDER* – SOMOGC email addresses
• Use for internal submissions to SOMOGC (ePRFs, eNFAs, eSPARs, SP30s, etc)
• Use on outgoing grant/contract proposals, documents, application forms

Download the document here