60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition Poster & Lecture Presentations

Presenter Role Oral Presentation/Poster Title
Mahi Lab UVA study Oral The PIM Kinase inhibitor TP-3652 in combo with ruxolitin ib exhibits improvement in MF in murine models
Gru Co-Aut hor Poster Superior clinical benefit of Brentux Vedotin in MF vs. Physician’s choice irrespective of CD30 or Lg cell txf status in Phase 3 ALCANZA study.
Reed et al Keng Sr UVA study Poster Oral regimen for urine alka lization in Pts getting HD MTX during shortage of IV bicarb
Grose et al Douvas Sr UVA study Poster Decrease of asparaginase induced thrombotic events with ATIII monitoring and repletion
Leslie M et al Davidson Sr UVA study Poster Econsultation to hematologist from primary care: an assessment of content and Pt impact
Ballen Co-Author Poster Lost to follow up rates higher in peds than adult survivors, but not Txpl type: report fro CIBMTR
Mahi Lab UVA study Poster The NF-kB inhib DMAPT in combo with Ruxolitinib has efficacy in JAK2 V617F knock-in mouse model of MPN
Ballen Co-Author Poster Phase I Brentux Vedotin with chemo as re-induction for CD30+ r/r AML
Bushweller lab UVA study Poster Direct binding of BCOR, but not CBX8, to MLL-AF9 is essential for MLL leukemia via regulation of EYA1/ SIX1


Co-Authors Oral



Ballroom 20D

Outcome of Pts with aggressive B-cell lymphoma post salvage immunochemo following intensive first line Rx
Goldfarb lab UVA study Poster Dysregulation of RUNX3 in aged human HSPCs may cont ribute to perturbation sin erythropoies is and balanced lineage output.
Jayappa et al UVA study Poster Drug combos co-targeting MCL-1 can overcome microenvironmentally-induced drug tolerance in NHLs
Arora et al Williams Sr UVA study Poster Single institution experience of GI involved DLBCL: presentat ion , outcomes, and Patterns of Rx failure
Abraham et al

Maitland Sr

UVA study Poster Bleeding risk of LMW heparin vs. DOAC in pts with intracranial tumors
Grose et al Volodin Sr UVA study Poster Cipro prophy does not affect incidence of c.diff infection in auto SCT Pts.
Ballen Co-Au thor Poster Phase I stu dy of ixazomib + chemo for ALL in older adults
Ballen Co-Author Oral 2:45-4:15p

Seaport Blrm F

Phase II clinical trial of alisertib (arora kinase inhib) in combo with induction chemo in AML
Ballen Co-Author Oral 6:15-7:45p

Seaport Blrm A

T-replete Haplo Txpl using post-txpl Cytoxan for AML, ALL, MOS: effect of Txpl conditioning regimen intensity
Lee Co-Author Oral 4:30-6:00p

San Diego Blrm B (Marriott)

Low CD19 Ag density Diminishes Efficacy of CD19 CART- cells and can be overcome by redesign of CAR signaling domains







CLL: Biology and pathophysiology, excluding therapy: Mechanisms of action and resistance to targeted agents

Weber Moderator 4:30-6:00p

Room 29C

Molecular pharmacology, drug resistance-lymphoid and other disorders: molecular Mechanisms in Leukemic drug resistance
Garrett- Bakelman Presenter/ Panelist 4:30-6:00 p


Fran will be highlighting her research as a ASH supported research in this special interest sessionI
Jayappa et al UVA study Poster A Multi-drug tolerant phenotype is induced by diverse microenvironmental agonist in CLL and MCL
Mehra/Portell Co-Author Poster Outcomes of FL Pts treated with frontline BR: impact of histologic grade and early progression on OS
Gade etal Maitland Sr UVA Study Poster A Single institution’s adherence to hep-induced TCP and Thrombosis testing guidelines
Keng Presenter and 151 auth Poster Planned interim analysis of Phll study of Practinostat and A2A in Pts with high/very high risk MOS
Garret- Bakelman Co-Author Poster Therapeutic targeting of ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UBE2N in myeloid malignancies
Ballen Co-Author Poster Efficacy of Len and Bortez for AML or MOS relapse post AlloSCT
Ballen Co-Author Poster Survival advantage to allo SCT in MF with>/= lnt-1DIPSS