Houpt Group

The Houpt Group Laboratory—within the Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health—is involved in projects focused on molecular diagnostic tools for infectious diseases. We search for a research diagnostic that can rapidly and accurately identify acute febrile illness agents as well as developing panels of PCR-based diagnostic tests to detect a full range of enteropathogens.

We have a focus in tuberculosis research, trying to improve patient outcomes through the development of rapid diagnostics that can identify which drugs to us, as well as identifying markers for poor therapeutic response.

UVA Research Narrows Aim for Treating Second Leading Killer of Children

New research offers unprecedented insights into the causes of childhood diarrhea

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Group of African children

Unseen Infections Harming World’s Children

Children around the world are suffering from unnoticed infections that are stunting their growth and mental development

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Liz Rogawski Mcquade, Eric Houpt, and James Plattsmills

Biologist Probes How Stubborn Malaria Bug Adapts to Evade Drug Treatments

Jennifer Güler investigates the molecular mechanisms that underlie the malaria parasite’s ability to evolve drug resistance

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