Major Events

November - December 2021Students prepare and customize the survey (SMD '22)
January 21, 2022LCME Kick-off meeting with Dr. Barzansky
February 2022ISA Task Force conducts survey (SMD '22)
March - June 2022ISA Task Force conducts data analysis and drafts report (SMD '23)
July 2022ISA Task Force meets with Dean Keeley, FAL, to present findings
July - October 2022SOM works to correct ISA Identified issues
July - November 2022Institutional Self-Study team conducts analysis of DCI and ISA report and drafts self-study summary report
December 20, 2022Submit DCI and self-study summary report to LCME
January 25-27, 2023Mock site visit
February 10, 2023Update submitted to LCME
March 19-22, 2023Site Visit