We congratulate Dr. William A. Petri for being recognized by the University as 2016 Distinguished Scientist!

October 4, 2016 by zrb8mf@virginia.edu

“The annual award was created several years ago by the Office of the Vice President for Research to recognize faculty members who have made influential and longtime contributions to the University’s research enterprise in the sciences, medicine and engineering. […] Dr. Petri is the most highly cited investigator in the world on amebiasis, a leading cause of diarrhea in children in the developing world. He discovered how the parasite evades the human immune system, and how it nibbles cells to death as it invades the intestine. He has conducted his investigations in both the lab and in field studies with children in Bangladesh, and has published more than 400 papers, reviews and chapters, and co-wrote a major text on medical parasitology.” [Read the complete news story about this award and Dr. Petri’s research in UVA TODAY]