COVID-19: Scientists, Doctors Launch Vaccine Virtual Town Halls. MIC faculty Dan Engel and Dean Kedes are instrumental on getting this effort off the ground.

March 25, 2021 by

Several of our faculty are organizing and participating in the Covid-19 Vaccination town halls!

“In an age where most people get their information at a distance, we wanted to find a way to connect with people more directly,” said Dan Engel, PhD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Engel and Dean Kedes, MD, PhD, both of UVA’s Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, are co-chairs of the town hall series, along with Felicia Goodrum, PhD, of the University of Arizona, and Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD, of UTMB-Galveston.  [more]