Nadia Holness in Sarah Ewald’s Laboratory receives HHMI Gilliam fellowship!

August 1, 2022 by

Nadia HolnessCongratulations to Nadia Holness, Microbiology graduate student in Sarah Ewald’s Laboratory, on being selected for the highly competitive Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship. The Gilliam Program  invests in graduate students from populations historically excluded or underrepresented in science who are positioned to become scientific leaders. Holness is one of 51 new fellows who are conducting outstanding research in their respective fields and, with their advisors, are committed to building a more inclusive scientific ecosystem. Holness is conducting research in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Ewald, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, and the Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research. Holness’ project is designed to understand how a cell recognizes that it is infected. She hopes to learn why some microbes within the host cell are detected and destroyed while others in the same cell evade immune clearance. This is the first Gilliam Fellowship that has been awarded to a trainee at UVA. [Read more]