Weekly Nephrology Conference Schedule Overview 05/04/2020 – 05/08/2020

Please join us for our weekly conferences to discover the newest updates within the UVA Nephrology community. See the associated dates for further information about the conferences regarding presenters, seminar titles, and CE activity codes.


Mon. 05/04

Conference: CIIR-WIP

Seminar Title: Targeting Inflammation in Diabetes

Presenter(s): Rahul Sharma, PhD

Location: Join remotely via WebEx



Tue. 05/05

Conference: Renal Grand Rounds (RGR)

Seminar Title: Practical Aspects in Treatment of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis

Presenter(s): Lakshmi Kannan, MBBS & Anita Vincent-Johnson, MD & Mohammed Al Mulhim, MBBS

Location: Join remotely via WebEx

CE Activity Code: 136615



Wed. 05/06

Conference: Nephrology Fellows Conference

Seminar Title: Infection in Transplant

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – All Fellows

                        Mentor(s) – Anjushree Kumar, MD

Location: Join remotely via WebEx

CE Activity Code: 136754


Thur. 05/07

Conference: Journal Club

Seminar Title: Shedding light on a classic dilemma: Evaluation of Living Donors GFR

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – All Fellows

                        Mentor(s) – Angie Nishio-Lucar, MD

Location: Join remotely via WebEx


Fri. 05/08

Conference: Medicine Grand Rounds (MGR)

Seminar Title: TBA

Presenter(s): TBA

Location: TBA

CE Activity Code:  TBA