Weekly Nephrology Conference Schedule Overview 01/25/2021 – 01/29/2021

Please join us for our weekly conferences to discover the newest updates within the UVA Nephrology community. See the associated dates for further information about the conferences regarding presenters, seminar titles, and CE activity codes.


Mon. 01/25

Conference: CIIR-WIP

Seminar Title: Mechanisms of kidney disease: Role of endocytic trafficking at the glomerular spit diaphragm

Presenter(s): Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban, MD, FASN (UVA Pediatric Nephrology)

Location: Remotely via Zoom



Tue. 01/26

Conference: Renal Grand Rounds (RGR)

Seminar Title: C3 Glomerulopathy: A Model of Complement Dysregulation in Renal Disease  

Presenter(s): Carla M. Nester, MD, MSA, FASN (University of Iowa, Pediatric Nephrology – Chair)

Location: Join remotely via Zoom

CE Activity Code: 140118



Wed. 01/27

Conference: Nephrology Fellows Conference

Seminar Title: Important Questions About Blood Pressure and Treatment Options

Presenter(s): Uta Erdbruegger, MD   

Location: Join remotely via Zoom

CE Activity Code: 140140



Thur. 01/28

Conference: Nephrology Fellows Pathology Conference

Seminar Title: Complications of Home Dialysis

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – Anita Vincent-Johnson, MD

                        Mentor(s) – TBD

Location: Join remotely via Zoom



Fri. 01/29

Conference: Medical Grand Rounds

Seminar Title: Systemic Racism, Health Disparities and Inequities: Lessons Learned in 2020; Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Presenter(s): Dr. Clyde Yancy (Northwestern Cardiology)

Location: Join remotely via Zoom

Meeting ID: 988 4180 9488

PASSWORD: 163537


CE Activity Code: 139770