Weekly Nephrology Conference Schedule Overview 03/08/2021 – 03/12/2021

Please join us for our weekly conferences to discover the newest updates within the UVA Nephrology community. See the associated dates for further information about the conferences regarding presenters, seminar titles, and CE activity codes.


Mon. 03/08

Conference: CIIR-WIP

Seminar Title: Localization of Spinster homolog 2 (Spns2)- the transporter of Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) in the mouse kidney

Presenter(s): Sylvia Cechova, PhD

Location: Remotely via Zoom



Tue. 03/09

Conference: Renal Grand Rounds (RGR)

Seminar Title: 24 Hour Urine Collection in Kidney Disease and HTN – Gold Standard or Historical Practice?

Presenter(s): Lakshmi Kannan, MBBS

Location: Remotely via Zoom

CE Activity Code: 140126



Wed. 03/10

Conference: Nephrology Meeting

Seminar Title: Medical Directors Meeting

Presenter(s): Corey J. Cavanaugh, DO   

Location: Join remotely via Zoom




Thur. 03/11

Conference: Journal Club

Seminar Title: Whether or not to continue RASi in advanced CKD

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – Anita Vincent-Johnson, MD

                        Mentor(s) – Alden M. Doyle, MD

Location: Join remotely via Zoom




Fri. 03/12

Conference: Medical Grand Rounds

Seminar Title: Cardiac Amyloidosis

Presenter(s): Dr. Mohammad Abuannadi (UVA Cardiology)

Location: Join remotely via Zoom

Meeting ID: 974 9914 5280

Passcode: UVAMGR

CE Activity Code: TBA