Weekly Nephrology Conference Schedule Overview 05/17/2021 – 05/21/2021

Please join us for our weekly conferences to discover the newest updates within the UVA Nephrology community. See the associated dates for further information about the conferences regarding presenters, seminar titles, and CE activity codes.


Mon. 05/17

Conference: CIIR-WIP

Seminar Title: Nephrology Core Updates: Basic and Translational Research Support 

Presenter(s): Jitendra K. Gautam, PhD

Location: Remotely via Zoom




Tue. 05/18

Conference: Renal Grand Rounds (RGR)

Seminar Title: The Challenges of Acute Interstitial Nephritis

Presenter(s): Mark A. Perazella, MD, FACP (Yale University School Medicine)

Location: Remotely via Zoom


CE Activity Code: 140136


Wed. 05/19

Conference: Nephrology Fellows Conference

Seminar Title: Update the Division on active recruiting studies and major initiatives

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – All fellows

                        Mentor(s) – Julia J. Scialla, MD

Location: Join remotely via Zoom




Thur. 05/20

Conference: Nephrology Fellows Conference

Seminar Title: Topic Review – Viral Infections In Post-Transplant Period

Presenter(s): Fellow(s) – All fellows

                        Mentor(s) – Anjushree Kumar, MBBS

Location: Join remotely via Zoom


CE Activity Code: 140158



Fri. 05/21

Conference: Medical Grand Rounds

Seminar Title: Academic ID in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and a Path Forward

Presenter(s): Dr. Upinder Singh (Division Chief of Infectious Disease and Geographic Medicine)

Location: Join remotely via Zoom


Meeting ID: 974 9914 5280

Passcode: UVAMGR

CE Activity Code: 140378