Research Training in Neuroendocrinology

The primary goal of UVA’s Research Training in the Neuroendocrinology program is to provide outstanding early-postdoctoral research training for tomorrow’s independent scientists in the various fields of neuroendocrinology.

Neuroendocrinology is a rapidly expanding, interdisciplinary field that encompasses behavior, growth, appetite, metabolism, reproduction and neural function.

We believe that hands-on performance of in-depth research side-by-side with an experienced mentor, in the context of a rich and nurturing environment, is the most important component of our program. Our program offers an array of research opportunities, all related to a common theme: interactions among endocrinology/metabolism and neurological systems.


Nationally Ranked

UVA’s pediatric diabetes and endocrinology services are nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Dr. Mark DeBoer is a pediatric endocrinologist and neuroendocrinology research mentor, and he researches the causes of childhood obesity and the problems it can lead to.

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Hands-on Experience

Program trainees will spearhead proposed research projects, performing most of the hands-on research activities, with the fellow’s primary faculty mentor providing close oversight, continual teaching, and constructive feedback.