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Neuroendocrinology Research Program Faculty

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Brian Annex

Annex, Brian H.

Angiogenesis; peripheral arterial disease (PAD); gene therapy

Eugene Barrett

Barrett, Eugene J.

Diabetes and Insulin Action

Paula Barrett

Barrett, Paula Q.

Regulation of low-voltage activated T-type Ca2+ channel activity by kinases and heterotrimeric G-proteins and their roles in physiological responses.

Douglas Bayliss

Bayliss, Douglas A.

Mechanisms of neuromodulation in central neurons


Michelle Bland

Bland, Michelle

Molecular mechanisms linking inflammation and insulin signaling to control cell growth and metabolism

Marc Breton

Breton, Marc D.

Modeling and simulation of blood glucose dynamics and the regulatory hormones network; modeling and simulation of the effect of exercise on glucose/insulin dynamics; modeling of the heart-glucose dynamics relationship,

Jessica Connelly

Connelly, Jessica J.

Epigenetic mechanisms involved in complex human disease

photo of Dr Mark DeBoer

DeBoer, Mark

Race-appropriate definitions of metabolic syndrome; impact of early lifestyle factors and later disease risk (e.g. obesity); influence of chronic inflammatory conditions on pubertal development; influence of chronic disease on cachexia; closed-loop insulin delivery.

Christopher Deppmann

Deppmann, Christopher

Elucidating and Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying Nervous System Development

Charles Farber

Farber, Charles R.

Systems Genetics of Skeletal Development and Maintenance

Patrice Guyenet

Guyenet, Patrice G.

Neural control of blood pressure and respiration


Thurl Harris

Harris, Thurl E

Molecular mechanisms controlling insulin signaling and fat synthesis.


Karen Johnston

Johnston, Karen C.

Acute stroke intervention, outcomes research, risk adjustment


Jaideep Kapur

Kapur, Jaideep

Seizures, neuronal excitability and plasticity

Boris Kovatchev

Kovatchev, Boris P.

Biomathematics and Statistics, Specifically Dynamic Modeling of Biologic and Behavioral Processes. Resent Work Includes: Endocrine and Diabetes Studies, ADHD, Heart Rate Variability, Translational Research, and Algorithm Development.

Norbert Leitinger

Leitinger, Norbert

Role of lipid oxidation products in inflammation and vascular immunology in atherosclerosis and diabetes


Zhenqi Liu

Liu, Zhenqi

Insulin action, energy metabolism and diabetes complications


John Marshall

Marshall, John C.

Mechanisms of GnRH Regulation of Gonadotropin and Steriod Synthesis; the Etiology of PCOS in Adolescence

Christopher McCartney

McCartney, Christopher R.

Reproductive neuroendocrinology and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Mark Okusa

Okusa, Mark D.

Immune mechanisms of acute kidney injury and fibrosis. Pulsed ultrasound in acute kidney injury

Stephen Rich

Rich, Stephen S.

Genetic basis of common human disease, including type 1 diabetes, diabetic complications, ischemic stroke, atherosclerosis

Helmy Siragy

Siragy, Helmy M.

Endocrine hypertension, angiotensin receptors, renal paracrine hormones


Slobodan Todorovic

Todorovic, Slobodan M.

Pharmacology and function of T-type (low-voltage-activated, LVA) calcium channels in       sensory transmission.