OB/GYN Department response to the events of the weekend of August 12

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We, as providers of women’s health care and educators of future women’s health care physicians, uphold the right of all women to receive care in an environment that is free of fear, intimidation, harassment, and discrimination. Our clinics are safe places for all of our patients, regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. Compassionate care is the hallmark of all we do. We value, embrace and encourage diversity among our physicians, nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, fellows, residents and students. We reject hate and intolerance as contrary to our core values. Our diversity makes us better physicians who are more capable to bring the best possible and safest care to our patients.


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  1. nadine says:

    I am very proud of my colleagues for the way they interact with patients and families. This concern does not reflect my experience here.

  2. Felisha says:

    Cultural sensitivity and competence in healthcare is an area that requires continual awareness as diversity is warmly welcomed and continues to climb. Thank you for advocating for dignity, respect and expert care of which all patinets and family members deserve.

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