Ob/Gyn residents and MFM team provide support to PROSAMI in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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During the 2021-2022 academic year, members of our department provided support to PROSAMI, a non-governmental organization which educates midwives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The midwives go on to work in rural communities to provide a safe environment for childbirth in a nation whose rates of maternal and infant mortality are among the highest in the world. When all of the student midwives assemble for “education weeks” in Mbuji-Mayi, our residents, fellows and faculty participated in the educational program by preparing and giving lectures on topics selected by the student midwives and their program leaders. The lectures were given live, via Zoom, with an 8-hour time difference and live French translation! We are proud of the involvement of our department members in this important program.

Participating in this program during 2021-22 were:

Residents: Dr. Suna Sumer, Dr. Margot Gurganus, Dr. Claire Scrivani, Dr. Madi Klavans, Dr. Malavika Kesavan and Dr. Adam Schettler
Fellow: Dr. Weston Loehr
Attendings: Dr. Rebecca Rieck, Dr. Robert Fuller, Dr. Chris Ennen, Dr. Donald Dudley and Dr. Chris Chisholm



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