Transcript “Meet Gynecologic Surgeon Laura Homewood, MD’


My name is Laura Homewood, and I am a minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon. I specialize in laparoscopic surgery. I treat some advanced pelvic pathologies such as large uterine fibroids and endometriosis, and attempt to offer people a minimally invasive approach to those problems.

I first developed an interest in medicine from a few family members. My mom is a nurse and my grandfather was a general practitioner, and I really got an interest just being around them and learning about medicine.

I’m really passionate about women’s health. I feel like women are very important in society and we play more roles than ever in society. And so to be able to get a woman good medical care, a surgery that she can recover from quickly, like minimally invasive surgery to get her back to her role and her life is really important to me and what I want to focus on here at UVA, we really strive to offer you the most innovative and most modern approaches to any type of pathology that you may have. We try and offer these options not only on your schedule, but also with a team that cares for you, loving and kind nurses and physicians and operating room staff, and a team approach to your care.