Past Fitz-Hugh Distinguished Guest Faculty and Guest of Honor

Past Guests

We have welcomed the following as Distinguished Guest Faculty and Guests of Honor

2020- Dr. Andrew Murr

2017-Dr. Patrick Antonelli and  Dr. Peter H. Hwang

2016-Dr. David Eisele and Dr. Stacey Ishman

2015- Dr. C. Gaelyn Garrett and Dr. David L. Stewart

2014- Dr. Edward Farrior, Dr. Dean Toriumi, Dr. Aldo Stamm, and Dr. Adam Zanation

2013- Dr. David Terris and Dr. John Niparko

2012- Dr. Carol Bradford and Dr. Peter Hilger

2011- Dr. Robert Cantrell and Dr. Paul Levine

2010- Dr. George Zalzal, Dr. Peak Woo, Dr. Tom Wang and Dr. Bradley Marple

2009- Dr. Gerald B. Healy, Dr. Robert H. Miller, and Dr. D. Bradley Welling

2008- Dr. Gregory T. Wolf, Dr. Gerald Berke, Dr. Robert Kellman, Dr. William Shockley, and Dr. Patrick Byrne

2007- Dr. Richard Goode, Dr. Gerald Berke, and Dr. J. Regan Thomas

2006-Dr. Harold Pillsbury, Dr. Marvine P. Fried and Dr. Ernest Weymuller Jr.