UVA USCAP 2022 Representation

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UVA USCAP 2022 Representation

UVA Pathologists were delighted to be back in person at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology in Los Angeles, California.  Trainees Sarah Gradecki, Laurie Griesinger, Ngome Makia, Lena Young, Meg Dibbern, Mark Girton, and Lisa Friedman shared original research on topics ranging from immunotherapeutic biomarkers in hematolymphoid neoplasms to histologic findings in cardiac rejection.  Sarah Gradecki’s moderated poster session on PRAME expression in HPV-associated vulvar squamous lesion’s was a definite highlight. Even students got in on the action, with Landon Hobbs, Joe Maniaci, and Tiffany Wang beautifully representing both our department and UVA’s School of Medicine through their poster presentations in in the Dermatopathology and Neuropathology sections.  Faculty mentors Elizabeth Courville, Bea Lopes, Taylor Jenkins, Anne Mills, and Shyam Raghavan could not be more proud of all their trainees work. Faculty didn’t just sit back and let the trainees do the work: Ale Gru could be found presenting on dermpath pitfalls, Robin LeGallo spoke at the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion session on transgender issues in pathology, and Bea Lopes moderated the Neuro-ophthalmic specialty conference.  Finally, both Elizabeth Courville and Anne Mills headlined short courses on Bone Marrow Diagnostic Dilemmas and Biomarkers in Gyn Pathology, respectively.  As always, however, the best part of the meeting was the group dinner: a Mediterranean feast enjoyed with several of our favor program alumni!



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