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2017 UVA Path Report


  Read the 2017 UVA Path Report featuring a message from Christopher Moskaluk, MD, PhD, Chairman of Pathology, updates on publications, awards and more.

Pathology Department Attends the CAP Policy Meeting in Washington DC


UVA Assistant Professor Dr. Anne Mills, resident Dr. Ashley Volaric, and fellow Dr. Brian Willis recently joined the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for the annual CAP Policy Meeting in Washington,…

USCAP 2017 Representation


PD-L1 Expression and Intratumoral Heterogeneity Across Breast Cancer Subtypes: An Assessment of 245 Primary and 40 Metastatic Tumors Authors: Erik Dill, Elizabeth Thompson, Chelsea Gottlieb, Timothy Bullock, Janet Cross, Kristen Atkins,…

Idiopathic nodular glomerulosclerosis is a distinct clinicopathologic entity linked to hypertension and smoking


Authors: Markowitz GS, Lin J, Valeri AM, et al. Publication: Hum Pathol 33: 826-835, 2002 Idiopathic nodular sclerosis mimics diabetic glomerulosclerosis, but occurs in patients with no clinical evidence of diabetes mellitus. …

C3 glomerulopathy: Clinicopathologic features and predictors of outcome


Authors: Medjeral-Thomas NP, O’Shaughnessy MM, O’Regan JA, et al. Publication: Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 9; 46-53, 2014 C3 glomerulopathy is characterized by intensely staining glomerular deposits of C3 in the absence…

Light chain proximal tubulopathy: Clinical and pathologic characteristics in the modern treatment era


Authors: Stokes MB, Valeri AM, Herlitz L, et al. Publication: J Am Soc Nephrol 27: 1555-1565, 2016. Proximal tubular cells contain cytoplasmic monoclonal immunoglobulin in the entity known as light chain…

Mayo Clinic/Renal Pathology Society Consensus Report on pathologic classification, diagnosis and reporting of GN


Authors: Sethi S, Haas M, Markowitz GS, et al. Publication: J Am Soc Nephrol 27: 1278-1287, 2016 This consensus report on classifying, diagnosing and reporting glomerulonephritis (GN) recommends grouping these cases into…

Don Innes Pathology Summer Enrichment Program in Pathology for Rising Second Years


In undergraduate medical education, it is sometimes difficult to gain experience in pathology until the fourth year. This delays students' exploration of the field. The Summer Innes Internship in Pathology…

UVA-USCAP 2016 Representation


Chelsea Gottlieb, Emaculate Tebit, Scott Wendroth, Kristen Atkins, Tiffany Pierson, Christiana Brenin, Anne Mills. - Apocrine Carcinomas Represent a Distinct, Androgen Receptor-Positive Clinicopathologic Subset of Triple-Negative Breast Cancers Akeesha Shah, Kristin…