The staff of the Division welcomes information about unusual experiences that may be paranormal. Click here for a description of our research.

If you would like to submit a case (your own or one known to you) please write a detailed description of the experience.  We would like to have first information about cases sent to us in writing, either a detailed email sent to or U.S. post sent to The Division of Perceptual Studies, P.O. Box 800152 , Charlottesville . VA 22908. Please do not send recordings with accounts, or long manuscripts.

Persons submitting reports of unusual experiences should be willing to participate in research, which often involves questionnaires and sometimes interviews. Identities of persons sharing experiences with us will be carefully concealed in any published report. We regret, however, that the small size of our staff sometimes makes it impossible for us to investigate every case brought to our attention.



We would like to hear from you.  All comments and questions welcome:

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