GBS Mentorship Program Seeks Student Mentors

June 12, 2015 by

Pharmacology PhD Candidate Michael Schappe (Desai lab) is the 2015-2016 Vice President for the Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS). GBS is looking for current graduate students to participate in the GBS Mentorship Program. Michael says, “Many of us appreciated the welcome and advice from current students as we moved to Charlottesville and started graduate school, and this is your opportunity to do the same for someone else!  As current students, you would be paired with an incoming graduate student to help with their transition to Charlottesville and graduate school at UVA. Mentors serve as a important resource for incoming students and help new students feel welcome prior to choosing specific labs and/or departments. Based on your feedback (as mentors and mentees), I will be providing more guidance for those of you who would like to serve as mentors.”

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for an incoming student, please email Michael ( by Tuesday, June 16th to be added to the list of mentors. Mentors must be able to participate through this summer and into the fall semester (and are encouraged keep it up after that). During the summer, GBS will host a series of events to help mentors meet and get to know mentees.