Watch Sarah bolt through her thesis in < 3min!

February 23, 2017 by

Guess who’s a BIMS Finalist in the UVA 3MT Competition on March 1? You Guess it- Sarah Gray! Lets cheer her on as she bolts through this completion like she bolted through the C’ville 10-Miller!

Sarah Gray (Pharmacology), Kathryn Kingsmore (BME), and Kelley Virgilio (BME) are among the 8 finalists for the 5th Annual UVA Three Minute Thesis Competition.  They were selected from 40 PhD candidates representing 5 UVA schools who competed in the preliminary competition.

The Pharmacology Department had two winners of the UVA 3MT Competition in previous years; Eric Greenwald (Jeff Saucerman’s lab) was the 2014 Audience Choice Winner for his video “Scaffold Proteins: (un)leashing efficient communication” and Lindsey Brinton (Kimberly Kelley’s lab) was the 2013 Competition Winner for her video “Catching Tumors in Their Webs.”

This year’s finalists will compete next Wednesday (March 1) from 3-4PM in the auditorium of the Special Collections Library (Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library).  The competition will be followed by a brief reception and awards ceremony.

Everyone is welcome, so please go out and attend this event to support Sarah “Cville 10-Miller” Gray  in this challenge!