John Lazo in the news: Bridging disciplines in an effort to combat cancer

June 2, 2017 by

The VirginiaCancerRX Symposium makes local headline news.  According to Charlottesville NEWSPLEX(CBS 19 News), Nearly 140 cancer experts met at the University of Virginia for a two-day conference to explore treatment options and collaborate with other universities to find ways to approach cancer research.

Dr. John Lazo expressed the need for funding of cancer research as less than one in five research projects get grant funding each year. However, he and other researchers are quite optimistic for the future as the realization of how important research is to coming up with a cure for cancer has increased to the American people over the past few years.

Lazo emphasizes the importance of collaborations with colleagues and facilities to help when there is a lack in funding or resources.

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