Lets be united in promoting the well-being of all in our community

July 6, 2017 by

A message from Richard P. Shannon, MD,  Executive VP for Health Affairs:

Dear Team Members,

As our community prepares for the upcoming KKK rally on July 8, UVA Health System stands ready to deliver on its mission to promote and support equity, diversity and inclusiveness. As President Sullivan shared, beliefs that endorse hatred, exclusion and intolerance are not only condemned here, but they are in absolute contradiction to our values. Placing our patients’ needs first, caring for each other and basing all of our actions on our ASPIRE values is the foundation of our roles as healers who promote the well-being of all in our community.

As a united Health System, we choose to ensure we provide the care and services our community needs. To that end, plans and resources are in place to care for our patients and you this weekend:

  • UVA Health System Security will increase staffing
  • Faculty and Employee Assistance Program is available 24/7 and is part of the Health System’s Incident Management Team. 434.243.2643
  • Team members traveling to and from the Medical Center are strongly encouraged to avoid affected areas, including the Downtown Mall
  • Health System Emergency Management, in collaboration with our UVA and city safety partners, will continue to monitor the situation to ensure our preparedness

As a community of healers, we encourage you to:

  • Focus on the care of patients, treating illness and training the healthcare workforce of the future
  • Engage in the planned alternative community events that celebrate a respect for all individuals |
  • Be a symbol of healing, compassion and respect in our community

Together, UVA Health System stands firmly with our University colleagues against any expression of hatred or bigotry and celebrates our values, especially those promoting professionalism, integrity, respect and excellence. Thank you for all you do to care for our patients and uphold the values of UVA Health System.


Richard P. Shannon, MD

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs