J. Julius Zhu in UVA Connect: Predicting Disease thru Measuring Molecules

September 19, 2017 by

One of UVA Pharmacology’s own researcher, J. Julius Zhu, PhD and his collaborators have created a breakthrough in medicine by developing a method to accurately and efficiently calculate tiny changes in gene mutations as they relate to and interact with molecular changes. Thanks to a new technique developed by Dr. Zhu and his team,  researchers now have a easy way to measure the incredibly subtle changes that go on between gene mutations and the interaction of molecules as they communicate with each other.  With Dr. Zhu’s development and use of a high-tech scientific instrument called “optical tweezers, ” scientists will be able to measure the force required to break up intermolecular bonds between the signaling molecules inside the body enabling researchers to dramatically improve the ability to diagnose disease. For more information on this story and this amazing advancement in medicine please visit:

The Pharmacology Department would like to congratulate Dr. Zhu and his team for this life-changing impact on medicine and research!