Kudos to Antoinette Reid – November 2017 Uteam Member of the Month!

November 28, 2017 by zrb8mf@virginia.edu

Please join us in congratulating Antoinette Reid, who was selected as the November 2017 Uteam Member of the Month recipient! The Uteam Member of the Month program recognizes outstanding service that exemplifies a team member’s commitment to our ASPIRE values. Antoinette’s nomination highlighted several of her great qualities, among them:

  • Her commitment to helping others, regardless of the cost to herself, and the way she is known by colleagues across the Health System as someone who can be counted on. (Accountability)
  • Antoinette carefully manages the resources falling under her purview, which includes the costs of not only money being spent, but also the time, effort, and people required to accomplish a task. (Stewardship)
  • She treats people courteously and extends great patience, even when they are not treating her that way, and she leaves a lasting, positive impression with her colleagues. (Professionalism)
  • Antoinette handles confidential information with the utmost respect and care and she demonstrates her core values of honesty, transparency, and fairness in her daily activities. (Integrity)
  • She collaborates well in the face of divergent viewpoints and works diligently to contribute to an equitable, inclusive, and respectful environment. (Respect)
  • Antoinette gives the very best she has to offer in all things, starting with a positive attitude and a genuine desire to help others. From there, she is able to anticipate what others need and then she focuses on providing them with the best possible outcome. (Excellence)

Her supervisor described Antoinette as, “…a dedicated, hardworking employee who never shies away from a task; she approaches her duties with care, and she is a pleasure to have in the office.” One of her colleagues noted that, “Antoinette’s helpful, positive attitude makes my day brighter and reminds me to also be courteous and respectful to others.”  Antoinette was also commended for being “a remarkable listener” who “absorbs[s] all of the facts before formulating a response,” as well as for her ability “to see beyond herself, finding ways to serve the greater good by offering quality solutions that benefit the whole.”

Antoinette lives the ASPIRE values day in and day out. She is mindful of what she says, how she responds to situations, and the impact her presence has on others. Her demeanor is kind and respectful. She strives for excellence, promotes fairness, and is an accountable, trusted team member. She is a true joy to have in the workplace and we are excited to celebrate her contributions to the Pharm Team! Join us on Friday, December 2 at 2 PM in the Pharm Library for cake and kudos!

Way to go, Antoinette!!