Kudos to Ben, Mitch and Adam: 2018 WFA Recipients!

June 26, 2018 by

The Pharmacology Department would like to send out huge congratulations to Ben Holloway (Neuroscience Grad Student in Patrice Guyenet’s Lab),  Mitch Granade (Pharmacology Grad Student in Thurl Harris’s Lab) and Adam Borne (Pharmacology Grad Student in Ku-Lung “Ken” Hsu’s Lab) for being one of the 14 BIMS students to receive this year’s Wagner Fellowship Award. Thanks to the incredible generousity of  Dr. Robert Wagner and his wife Mary Wagner, this award provides fellowships to graduate students in the School of Medicine.  Dr. Wagner served as Professor and Chair of Microbiology from 1967-1994 and contributed in so many ways to the School of Medicine, UVA, and the scientific community at large.  These fellowships are a lasting tribute to his dedication to student training, his encouragement of young scientists, and his love of UVA.  Students are selected from a highly competitive pool of students based on their outstanding performance in graduate school.

The Wagner Fellowship comes with a one-time $1K stipend supplement and up to $1K in support for professional development.

Please see below the a full list of all 14 BIMS  students that are 2018 recipients:

Rising 3rd year students:

  • Adam Borne (Pharmacology: Ken Hsu)
  • Robbie Cornelilson (Experimental Pathology: Dr. Chip Landen)
  • Mitch Granade (Pharmacology: Dr. Thurl Harris)
  • Saad Hussain (Microbiology: Dr. Dave Kashatus)
  • Michaela Rikard (BME: Dr. Shayn Peirce-Cottler)
  • Dr. Erin Weddle (Microbiology: Dr. Herve Agaisse)
  • Dr. Eric Wengert (Neuroscience Graduate Program: Dr. Manoj Patel)

Rising 4th/5th year students:

  • Laura Dunphy (BME; Dr. Jason Papin)
  • Ben Holloway (Neuroscience Graduate Program; Dr. Patrice Guyenet)
  • Katrine McNeely (Neuroscience Graduate Program; Dr. Noelle Dwyer)
  • Greg Medlock (BME; Dr. Jason Papin)
  • Olivia Sabik (BMG; Dr. Charles Farber)
  • Brooke Sauder (Microbiology; Dr. Melissa Kendall)
  • Becky Stanhope (Microbiology; Dr. Isabelle Derre)

Pharmers, please take the time to acknowledge Ben, Mitch, and Adam for this great achievement when you see them around!