George Souza- Winner of the 2020 NCAR Brody Award!

May 18, 2020 by

Pharmacology sends kudos to George Souza (Reseach Associate in Dr. Patrice Guyenet’s Lab) for being the winner of the 2020 Michael Brody Young Investigator Award.

The award is presented at the annual Experimental Biology meeting by the American Physiological Society on the Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section (NCAR). It recognizes a promising young investigator who has made a significant research contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation.

George earned this achievement for an abstract he first-authored and was recently published this April,

George M. Souza, Ruth L. Stornetta, Daniel S. Stornetta, Stephen B.G. Abott, Patrice G. Guyenet (2020). Selective C1 neuron stimulation restores blood pressure and heart rate during decompensated hemorrhage in unanesthetized rats, FASEB Journal,