New Research from the Bochkis Lab Could Boost Drug Development for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

July 30, 2021 by

Exciting new research from Irina Bochkis’s Lab (UVA Pharmacology) outline an entirely new paradigm to explain the activation of a type of hormone receptor, known as Type II receptors, found inside our cells’ nuclei. These receptors play important roles in our body’s use of cholesterol and glucose, among other critical processes. Bochkis and her team found a complex cascade of events that would be required to activate these hormone receptors. These findings were published in Molecular Metabolism:

Jessica Kain, Xiaolong Wei, Nihal A. Reddy, Andrew J. Price, Claire Woods and Irina M. Bochkis (2021).Pioneer factor Foxa2 enables ligand-dependent activation of type II nuclear receptors FXR and LXRα, Molecular Metabolism.

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