Pharmacology Faculty

Primary Faculty

Stephen Abbott

Abbott, Stephen

Neurobiology of the autonomic nervous system and the homeostatic control of breathing

Douglas Bayliss

Bayliss, Douglas A.

Mechanisms of neuromodulation in central neurons

Mark Beenhakker

Beenhakker, Mark P.

Circuit mechanisms of sleep and epilepsy

Michelle Bland

Bland, Michelle

Molecular mechanisms linking innate immune and insulin signaling to control cell growth and metabolism

Changzoon Chun

Chun, Changzoon


Carl Creutz

Creutz, Carl E.

Calcium-dependent, membrane-binding proteins and mechanisms of exocytosis

Bimal Desai

Desai, Bimal N.

Ion channels and Ca2+-signaling in inflammation, immunity and tissue homeostasis

Zheng Fu

Fu, Zheng “John”

Cell signaling of protein kinases in development and disease

Nick Guagliardo

Guagliardo, Nick

Modulation of aldosterone production in health and disease.

Thurl Harris

Harris, Thurl E

Molecular mechanisms controlling insulin signaling and fat synthesis.

Yugesh Kharel

Kharel, Yugesh

Molecular Biology of Sphingosine 1-phosphate

Norbert Leitinger

Leitinger, Norbert

Role of lipid oxidation products in inflammation and vascular immunology in atherosclerosis and diabetes

Kevin Lynch

Lynch, Kevin R.

Chemical biology of sphingosine 1-phosphate

Jeffrey Martens

Martens, Jeffrey


Timothy Martin

Martin, Timothy Dean

Identifying tumor selective drug targets, Understanding the genetic drivers of tumor immune evasion

Edward Nieh

Nieh, Edward Horng-An

Understanding the neural code underlying motivated behaviors like feeding, drinking, and social interaction, with a focus on how malfunction in associated brain areas are involved in diseases like addiction and eating disorders

Edward Perez-Reyes

Perez-Reyes, Edward

Exploring epilepsy circuits then preventing seizures using gene therapies. Developing drug-inducible genetic switches for insulin replacement gene therapies.

Ira Schulman

Schulman, Ira G.

Regulation of transcription by nuclear hormone receptors, transcriptional control of metabolism and inflammation, small molecule approaches to drug discovery

Vlad Serbulea

Serbulea, Vlad

Atherosclerosis, Redox Biology, Cellular Metabolism & Bioenergetics

Yingtang Shi

Shi, Yingtang

Central respiratory circuits, Mechanisms Underlying Breathing Complexity and Central hypoventilation syndrome

Shengyi Sun

Sun, Shengyi Iris

Role of endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation in health and disease

Kirill Ukhanov

Ukhanov, Kirill

Biophysics, Molecular Pharmacology

J. Julius Zhu

Zhu, J. Julius

Neural Circuits in Healthy and Diseased Brains