Inclement Weather


On rare occasions, daytime classes are cancelled because of snow, ice, tropical storm/hurricane, or other inclement weather condition. A University decision typically is made by 5:30 am and announced on the University website and through the local media including the radio. This information also is accessible by calling the University; 924-SNOW or 243-SNOW. Cancellation of classes by the University applies only to students in Phase 1 of the Curriculum. In the rare circumstance that inclement weather causes a prolonged cancellation of classes, efforts will be made to continue academic programming in a virtual environment as appropriate.
Since the functions of the clinical site continue despite inclement weather, clinical clerkships and electives may not be canceled due to weather conditions. Students participating in these clinical activities are expected to be present if they can reach the hospital safely. Students are not considered essential personnel.
Students are not expected to participate in clinical duties if a clerkship preceptor has cancelled or delayed educational or clinical activities. Students who are unable to attend any scheduled clerkship activities due to unsafe driving conditions should contact their college dean for an excused absence and notify their clinical preceptor. Students will not be penalized for adhering to the inclement weather policy.


UME Management Team approves changes to this policy.

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  • Next scheduled review June 2026
  • Revised June 2023
  • Reviewed and revised September 2020