Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance

Date: November 6, 2020
Number: 1.450
Status: Final

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Director of Faculty Affairs
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Classified and University Staff
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Applies to:
All persons providing clinical, educational, research, administrative or other services within or for the benefit of the School of Medicine, and whose paid or unpaid job-related activities require them to be present in Health System Facilities at any time in a given calendar year.

Definition of Terms:
Team Members
–All persons providing clinical, educational, research, administrative or other services within or for the benefit of the Health System, regardless of employer.
Benefitted Employee – Employee receiving benefits from the University.
Wage Employee–
Employee who works and is paid by the hour or activity and does not receive benefits from the university.
Grounds–the University of Virginia campus located in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Health System Facilities–includes all facilities operated by, or otherwise under the control of, the Medical Center, the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, the Transitional Care Hospital and UPG, including those facilities leased by an entity from the University of Virginia or UPG.

Policy Statement: The School of Medicine (“SOM”) adheres to
Health System Policy OCH-002 48“Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance,”
and all new and current School of Medicine Team Members are required to undergo such screening, vaccinations, or tests as described in the policy as a condition of employment. All Team Members are required to undergo such additional screening, vaccinations, or tests as may be determined by the Medical Center Epidemiologist to be necessary for infection control and patient safety.

Team Members claiming medical or religious exemption from any requirement specified inHealth System Policy OCH-002 “Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance,”or from any additional requirement imposed by the Medical Center Epidemiologist, shall complete the exception request form found on the Immunize UVA website here.

A Team Member who fails to complete medical screenings, vaccinations, and /or 62required immunizations listed in policy OCH-002, or who does not have a 63approved exemption, is subject to disciplinary action as documented in this 64policy.

Department heads are responsible for managing the compliance of their Team Members.


New Team Members –The requirement for screenings, inoculations and/or tests for new Team Members shall be documented in their offer letter, and Team Members shall fulfill these requirements within the first thirty (30) calendar days of their start date.

WorkMed will send the Team Member a reminder to complete the required screening, inoculations and/or tests at the end of the 7th calendar day of their employment or appointment.

If the Team Member has not completed the required screening, inoculations, and/or tests, or does not have an approved exemption by the end of the 14th calendar day of their employment or appointment, WorkMed will send a second reminder.

If the Team Member is not compliant by the 30th calendar day of their employment or appointment, the supervisor will initiate termination of their employment and/or appointment.

Current Team Members– If required, mandatory respiratory fit testing and/or TB screening must be documented as complete by the last day of the Team
Member’s birth month. The Team Member must receive a mandatory annual flu vaccination by the deadline determined by the Medical Center Epidemiologist.

1) Initial Notification: WorkMed will send Team Members email notification of the required screening, inoculations, and/or tests they must complete. Notifications are sent the month before their birthday month, and mid-month of their birthday month to those credentialed clinical staff who require annual TB and/or respiratory fit testing.

2)Initial None Compliance Report: WorkMed will send a report of non-compliant Team Members to department and center administrators on the first business day of the month after the Team Members’ birth month.

3)Final None Compliance Report:WorkMed will send a final report of non-compliance on the 10th business day after the Team Member’s birth month. The report will go to department and center administrators, the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Medical Center Chief Medical Officer.

4)Supervisor/Team Member Meeting:The supervisor will meet with the Team Member within five business days of the second notice of non-compliance. For benefited full and part-time SOM employees, the meeting may result in a written notice of suspension with pay for up to five working days. The Team Member may return to work during this five-day period after they document their compliance.

5)Disciplinary Action: Benefitted full and part-time Team Members may face disciplinary action up to and including termination for non-compliance with this policy. All disciplinary actions are subject to the applicable policies referenced below:

Team Members on an approved leave of absence shall have fifteen (15) calendar days from their return to work date to document compliance with their mandatory annual flu vaccination as per annual communications from the Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Center/Hospital Epidemiologist/other executive leadership, and with other required screenings, vaccinations or tests.

  • Faculty: Disciplinary action for faculty will be pursued, subject to the findings of the meeting, for willful neglect of duty in accordance with the provost policy on Disciplinary Suspension or Termination of Academic Faculty,
  • Professional Research Staff: Disciplinary action for professional research staff and post-doctoral fellows will be pursued, subject to the findings of the meeting,for failure to comply with supervisory instructions in accordance with the university policy on the Employment of Professional Research Staff
  • Classified & University Staff: Disciplinary action for classified and University staff will be pursued, subject to the findings of the meeting, for failure to comply with supervisory instructions in accordance with University policy and procedure.

Temporary Employees: For faculty, staff, professional research staff, and temporary employees who are wage employees or have an unpaid appointment:

  • Subject to the findings of the meeting, the supervisor may terminate the team member’s employment and/or assignment immediately or provide five-business days to become compliant.
  • Wage employees and faculty with unpaid appointments are not eligible to 151grievethe disciplinary action.

Related Policy:
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Revision history:
Implemented 10/10/11; administrative updates 1/26/15, 1881/16/2020; 11/6/20

Approved 1/16/2020 by
David S. Wilkes, MD