Dual Degree Enrollment Policy

Students in the School of Medicine may elect to expand their experience and training by pursuing a dual degree. If approved, students will be given leave from the M.D. program to complete their dual degree and return to the M.D. program under the following conditions:

  • Approval for the dual degree program and the appropriate time away from the School of Medicine MD curriculum must be obtained in advance from the student’s College Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Medicine.
  • Students seeking a dual degree are expected to complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the medical curriculum before beginning the dual degree program.
  • The student is responsible for making application to the dual degree program.
  • The University of Virginia School of Medicine is not responsible for financial aid for students enrolled in a dual degree program.
  • Students must complete the post-clerkship curriculum requirements after completing the dual degree program. Elective credit typically is not granted for dual degrees. Exceptions are described in the policies for the dual degree programs available at:


The Medical Education Management Team has oversight and approval for this policy.


  • December 2022 Administrative Update
  • August 2021 Administrative Update
  • September 2020 Revised and affirmed