Research: Conflict of Interest Committee

Responsibilities of the SOM Conflict of Interest Committee

  • Development of the basis and extent of conflicts of interest.
  • Review of conflicts of interest associated with education, non-Medical Center procurement, and consulting.
  • Development of management plans for actual or potential conflicts.
  • Assist with development and periodic review of this policy.
  • Development of standards for which financial conflicts of interest require committee review and potential management plans.
  • Coordination with the UVa COI and the Institutional Review Boards to ensure appropriate flow of information on actual and potential financial COIs, especially those affecting multiple missions of the University.
  • Periodic review and update of the SOM on-line financial disclosure system, in collaboration with Information Technology Services and the Vice President for Research.
  • Education of SOM personnel on COI policy and procedures, to include the maintenance and periodic review of a web site.

The committee shall consist of a chair and an even number of voting members appointed by the dean of the SOM. Additional non-voting, advisory members will include: one or more associate/assistant deans of the SOM; SOM and Medical Center general counsel; and administrative staff as appointed by the dean.

The chair and voting members normally will be appointed for three-year tenure, at the discretion of the dean.

Rules of order

The chair and each voting member on the COI committee will have an equal vote on matters of policy and adjudicatory recommendations. Committee decisions will be made by simple majority and require a 70% quorum. Decisions may also be conducted via e-mail or telephonically.

The dean may request that the chair of the COI Committee appoint a subcommittee to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine whether or not an issue should be brought before the entire committee for formal review. At the discretion of the committee chair, subject matter consultants may be asked to provide expertise to the subcommittee or the entire committee. The subcommittee must report its findings and recommendations to the full Committee.

The committee will hold meetings to determine policy/direction and to review COI reports at least semi-annually. Meetings for adjudication will be held on an ad hoc basis.

Recommendations of the COI Committee for adjudication of issues regarding COI will be forwarded to the dean for decision and implementation.

Strict privacy regarding financial disclosures as well as COI Committee discussions and decisions will be enforced by the Dean’s Office.